[] Four panels of BT images from about 1991   Extract from the 'BT Piper Calendar' circa 1991   1 - Radio communications and television. 2 - Cables and communications in buildings.   3 - Test frame for linking circuits.   4 - Cable chamber with cables entering from the street.   5 - Cross connection frame.   6 - Power and generators.   7 - Impressions derived from the patterns produced in cathode ray oscilligraphs used in testing.   8 - Lines over the countryside.   9 - Overseas communication showing cable buoys.   D.ANNAN 1960  
 EXIT Four panels of BT photos (not part of mural).   BT Piper calendar circa 1991 (not part of mural).   One   Two   Three   Four   Five   Six   Seven   Eight   Nine   Artist  


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