The Inphone Campaigns
The Inphone Intro
On October 3rd 1983, British Telecom launched the INPHONE campaign, which was a whole new concept in advertising the phone. INPHONE was much more than simply a marketing strategy, it was designed to give the company a complete brand identity.

The new plug and socket system of connecting phones had just been introduced in 1981 and the catchy little slogan; INTOUCH. INTONE. INPHONE was an excellent attempt to promote the complete range of phones.  

Scan: Inphone leaflet.
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The first 40 second TV commercial was sung to the tune of "In Crowd" as follows:-

I'm in with the Inphone
I go where the Inphone goes.
Plug in with the Inphone
suits my style, suits my clothes
Doesn't matter where or what I do...
it's just my new way of getting through.
Inphone's in tone, in touch with me
Inphone's in tone, in touch with you.
In touch, in tone, Inphone.

MVO: Inphone from British Telecom. To get yours call 100 and ask for Freefone Inphone.

A second TV ad. entitled "More And More" was equally compelling:-

I'm in with the Inphone
I go where the Inphone goes.
Downstairs on the Inphone...
upstairs while I paint my toes.
More than one is really so much fun,
Three or four...
you can give me more.
Looks so good, looks in style
Looks so right, look no dial
In touch, in tone, Inphone.

Inphone in support
These were not just an adverts to sell phones, but a whole fashion statement of ideas and innovations, casting a spell of new possibilities. And the supporting merchandise backed this up, giving for once a complete adverting theme.
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