Datel Services
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Datel Services
The Datel Services were the forerunners of high-speed data modems, KiloStream and MegaStream applications... and much later the basis of dial-up internet connections!

DATEL is a contraction of the words, Data and Telecommunications.

Image: Post Office Telecommunications - Datel Services leaflet 1978.
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In 1964 Datel services were introduced, enabling data to be transmitted over private telegraph circuits and the telex network. This was extended in 1965 to allow data to be sent over private telephone circuits and the telephone network.

Early Services

In 1978 the service offered a mixture of dial-up via the PSTN, or the use of dedicated private wires (PWs) with circuit speeds from 200 bits/second up to a heady 48k bits/s!

  • Datel 200
  • Datel 600
  • Datel 2400
  • Datel 2400 Dial Up
  • Datel 2412
  • Datel 48k
  • International Datel Services

Datel through the Ages

Datel 4832 Service Datel 9600 Datel 2400 Datel 1200 Duplex
Datel products were continuously developed as the business branding changed from Post Office Telecommunications, British Telecom (part of the Post Office), Merlin Business Services through to BT.

Images: Datel leaflets.

Private Wires
KeyLine: A range of analogue circuits for data SpeechLine: A range of private circuits for speech KiloStream: A range of digital private circuits for dedicated point-to-point connections MegaStream: A digital private circuit offering point-to-point transmissions at 2048kbit/s or 8448kbit/s (MegaStream 8)
The 1996 portfolio of Private Wires.

Leaflets: KeyLine, SpeechLine, KiloStream and MegaStream.

Datel Modems & Datelmuxes
Datel Modem 4960X Datelmuxes
As customers' needs demanded an ever growing number of circuits, then the terminating equipment developed into plug-in, rack mounted devices, which were software controlled.

Leaflets: Merlin Datel Modem 4960X/4480X and British Telecom Datelmux 5500 and 5300 Series.

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