BT Fleet:
The Ford Fiesta and Ka Vans
BT Ford Fiesta and Ka Vans
The white van derivatives of the Ford Fiesta and Ford Ka were part of the BT Fleet during the Piper era.

Photo: Ford Fiestas W564 BVP and W566 BVP together with Ford Ka LC02 OYR in a BT car park © LSA March 2003
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BT's requirements for a small car/van derivative were filled by the Ford Fiesta, and perhaps more surprisingly, with the Ford Ka during the Piper era. Note that only a tiny BT Piper logo is displayed on the doors and hatchback. There is no wrap around vinyl of the complete Piper.

Ford Ka

Ford Ka LC02 OYR
The Ford Ka van with the BT Piper branding
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Mike Street writes "All Ford Kas have the chassis designation WF0BXXWPRB. The WPRB indicates that they were built in Spain (W),  at Valencia or Azambuja (P), are Kas (R) and are 3-door Saloons (B). Presumably the BT vans have metal or plastic panels in place of the rear windows - there is no official van version of this vehicle."

Photo: Light Straw © March 2003

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