Colossus - The Equipment
The Equipment
Colossus uses thousands of GPO associated components.

Photo: Pentode valves used in the counting circuits © LSA June 2012.
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Standard GPO kit was used in the rebuild, but some components are updated versions of those which would have been available during the war.

Motor Uniselectors
Original Colossus motor uniselector GPO type 2 motor uniselector
Left: Original Colossus motor uniselector.

Right: A GPO type 2 motor uniselector.

EI B1151 (1953)

Photos: Motor uniselectors.
Motor Uniselectors
Motor uniselectors
Early motor uniselectors.

Photo: Motor uniselectors © LSA October 2012.
Standard uniselectors were used in both the Colossus and Tunny machines.

Photo: Uniselectors © LSA October 2012.
GPO '300-type' relays, in strip-mounted units.

Photo: Relaysets © LSA October 2012.
Colossus Valves
Gas filled Thyratrons, used as high current switches, and Triode valves.


Photo: Colossus (Rebuild) © LSA June 2012.
Colossus Valves
Thermionic Diodes used in Thyratron control circuits and Pentode Valves used in the counting circuits.


Photo: Colossus (Rebuild) © LSA June 2012.

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