The History of Baguley 3232
The Hi-de-Hi Train
Baguley no. 3232 first came to work at Butlins Clacton in 1959. It was named 'Parracombe' in the mid-1990s and is currently out of service.

Photo: Parracombe © 2000.
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The 'Hi-de-Hi' Train was one of only three 'steam outline' 0-4-0 engines which were made by E.E. Baguley Ltd in 1947. All with a Perkins P4 type 34 horsepower 4 cylinder diesel engine as standard. Baguley no. 3232 first came to work at Butlins Clacton in 1959. The two coaches were designated 3233 and 3234.

Baguley 3232's last season at Clacton was in 1976.

After Clacton
From about May 1977 Baguley 3232 worked for Alan Keef Ltd on Cote Farm in Bampton, Oxfordshire with a brief return to Butlin's at Minehead in June 1978, then back to Oxfordshire later in the same year. From 6th October 1978 the engine was operated by L. J. Smith in Rectory Lane, Battlesbridge, Essex.

As Parracombe
On 29th January 1994, ownership of Baguley 3232 was transferred to members of  the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway. After some restoration it was given a shiny new livery and the new identity of 'Parracombe', and began running on the The Lynbarn Railway as a fun ride attraction at The Milky Way Adventure Park, Clovelly, Devon.

The Groudle Glen Railway
In 2006 Parracombe was sold to Richard Booth and was delivered to the Groudle Glen Railway in January 2007. Parracombe hauled its first passenger train on 22nd July 2007. Since then the engine has been in long-term storage awaiting a full restoration.

In July 2015 the railway reported that Parracombe's wheels had been sent away for re-profiling and the fitting of new tyres. Restoration and repairs are ongoing.

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