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The Hi-de-Hi Train
The Hi-de-Hi Train

Photo: Dad and I on the Hi-de-Hi Train Butlins Clacton © 1965 Light Straw Archive.
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Hey Mum, look at us on the Hi-de-Hi train!

The layout of the miniature railway was changed several times during the 1960s as the camp grew, and more land was needed for car parking, water tanks, staff accommodation and alternative visitor attractions. In the photo above, my Dad and I are looking towards the camera, while everyone else's heads are turned to the left. In this shot the train is passing by the turrets, but in later photos the train goes through the centre of the turrets.

The BBC television series 'Hi-de-Hi'  (1980-1988) is thought to have used footage from 'The Butlin Movie News' in its end title sequences, so it's fun to think that it might _just_ be us on the screen!

*The Butlin Movie News was "Film taken of you the Campers, during the week."

Other sources suggest it was especially filmed by a German TV crew in 1963.

'Hi-de-Hi' (1980-1988) by Jimmy Perry and David Croft made famous the Clacton miniature railway as it was featured in the closing titles of the programme. In the screen shots below (left) the Baguely engine and carriages can be seen at various positions on the football field. On the right are comparison photographs from a similar time.

As featured on Hi-de-Hi The Train 1964  
Left: TV screen capture by the Dining Hall Building.
Right: No trains running this week. Notice the brake wheel on the end carriage and the reversible seats.

Photo right: Dad and I sitting in the warm sunshine © 1964 Light Straw Archive.

As featured on Hi-de-Hi The Driver 1969  
Left: TV screen capture. Note the driver's wooden chair.

Photo right: The driver sitting on his chair © 1969 Light Straw Archive.
As featured on Hi-de-Hi The Train 1965  
Left : TV screen capture by the farthest loop. Right: Passing the car park.

Photo right: Sitting on Dad's lap on the train © 1965 Light Straw Archive.

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