Bikes and motorbikes
Speeding the messages
Motorbikes - Speeding the messages
Motorbikes through the ages - Post Office Vehicle Club Rally at Amberley, April 2010.
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Cycles for delivering the mail take all forms and sizes.

Photo: Cycle at Debden Museum Store © LSA Sept 2012
BPMA cycle

Photo: Cycle at Debden Museum Store © LSA Sept 2012
BSA Bantam  
BSA Bantam telegraph motor cycle
BSA Bantam telegraph motor cycle.

Photo: BSA Bantam NGJ 636 telegraph motor cycle at Debden © LSA Sept 2012
Electric Scooters  
Oxygen Electric Scooter
Royal Mail 2006 Oxygen Electric Scooter.

Photo: Oxygen Electric Scooter KX56 PDV at Debden © LSA Sept 2012
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