Fiat Doblo
Royal Mail Van
Fiat Doblo
Fiat Doblo Royal Mail Van.

Photo: Fiat Doblo WN13 FFO, serial 2052002 at Milton Keynes Museum  © LSA April 2014.
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The Fiat Doblo is a striking design, with sleek bodywork and unusually has the indicators built into the door mirrors. The high-roof XL version has a payload capacity of 1 tonne and is well suited to Royal Mail duties.

Royal Mail Doblo
Fiat Doblo WV13 RXB, serial 2051276.

Fiat Doblo at Southend Delivery Office © LSA February 2014.
Royal Mail Doblo XL
Fiat Doblo XL, WP63 HNK, serial 3051767.

Fiat Doblo XL (high roof) in Southend © LSA March 2014.
Doblo XL, side profile
Fiat Doblo XL, WR63 YLD.

Fiat Doblo XL (high roof) in Southend DO © LSA Dec 2013.

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