Mobile Post Offices
Mobile Post Offices
Mobile Post Offices.

A (Welsh) Mobile Post Office.

Swyddfa'r Post (literally: Office, The Post)

A 1971 Karrier, Mobile Post Office trailer © LSA April 2012.
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The British Postal Museum & Archive collection includes several Mobile Post Offices.

Note: Since mid-2013 this MPO2 has been relocated (on loan) to the Nene Valley Railway.

A Welsh Mobile Post Office
A (Welsh) Mobile Post Office.

Swyddfa'r Post (literally: Office, The Post)

Photo: Karrier motive unit and trailer © LSA April 2012.  
Karrier motive unit GGO 926J5
Karrier motive unit for the MPO (above).

Photo: Karrier motive unit GGO 926J © LSA Sept 2012.  
Postbox and stamp vending
MPO trailer.

Photo: Postbox and stamp machine on MPO trailer © LSA April 2012.  
Mobile Post Office (MPO).

Photo: MPO Counter and scales © LSA April 2012.  

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