My GPO Family: Trilogy Edition
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My GPO Family
My GPO Family of books, exploring communications history...

Andrew Emmerson (one-time Technical Press Officer with British Telecom) remarks: "John paints an engaging picture of telecommunications, all written in a highly readable language."

Book cover: My GPO Family:Trilogy Edition.

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My GPO Family of books

My GPO Family: Supplied for the Public Service
The full 2017 edition.

My GPO Family: Trilogy Edition
The abridged (2018) version forming the first part of the new series.

My GPO in London: Trilogy Edition
The second part in the series (2019).

My GPO Legacy:Trilogy Edition
The third part in the series (2020)

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A retrospective snapshot of living in the Public Service of the GPO and BT...

My GPO Family is a perfect-bound paperback telling the story of growing up, living and working in the Public Service of the GPO and BT between 1965 and 2016. Packed with an eclectic mix of personal stories, recollections, poems and thoughts of how the General Post Office evolved into the communication companies which serve us today. Visits and verbatim reports of the emerging heritage scene capture the essence of bygone days in a comprehensive, but easy to understand format. Although written primarily for those who worked in the telecommunication and clerical side of the business, during the 20th century, any GPO family will be able to relate to the ethos of the era. With more than 30 (black and white) illustrations/photographs, this book will take you on a journey back to a time when people proudly worked in Public Service.

Feedback about My GPO Family (2017)

Simon C: "Thought I would let you know that I have finished reading your book. Took a few evenings and greatly enjoyed it."

Karen H: "I have been dipping in and out of your book; goodness you have popped a lot of thought into it!"

Andy E: "Even more impressed with your book now that I have read it through!"

Chris H: "I must say that I'm very impressed with your ability to recollect details from the start of your career."

Adam: "Well done for taking the time to help relive the awesome past."

Post Office Vehicle Club: "This book is recommended for anybody with a wider interest in telephone operations."

Dave F: "Just wanted to say what a delight it has been to read your book. So many memories revived; even your descriptions of the standard civil service office furniture and the Advice Note procedure were so evocative."

Barrie S: "Having read your book cover-to-cover, it is now with my Radio Amateur friend who worked in the Ministry of Works and PSA. It will then go to my neighbour, whose father was in BT all his life."

Colour Photos [Books have black and white photos, and may vary from those shown here)

Post Office Telephones Lineman's Van The author at BT Tower The author at Southend AMC An Openreach van  
Post Office Telephones The author at BT Tower The author at Southend AMC An Openreach van  

Seven Ages of Man totem pole at Baynard House At first the infant... Mobile Exchanges Travelling Post Office  
Seven Ages of Man At first the infant... Mobile Exchanges Travelling Post Office  

Keybridge House BT Archives MOH computers Faraday Building plaque  
Keybridge House BT Archives MOH computers Faraday Building plaque  

Dorothy Annan Murals British Telecom Manchester ERNIE  
Dorothy Annan murals BT Manchester ERNIE

BT Tower Vernon mans the Board Bletchley Park Mansion  
BT Tower Vernon mans the Board Bletchley Park Mansion

A typical photobook example
Quality printed photobooks with images of equipment and architecture taken between 1999 and 2017. Example of brown cover booklets.
There are currently 5 (approx A5 size) photobooks in the series:
Photobook 1: London
1: London
21 pages and more than 50 colour photographs.

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Photobook 2: Faraday
2: Faraday Building
31 pages and more than 80 colour photographs.

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Photobook 3: Keybridge
3: Keybridge House
27 pages and more than 50 colour photographs.

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Photobook 4: Mondial
4: Mondial House
21 pages and more than 30 colour photographs.

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Photobook 5: International Trunks
5: International Trunks
A composite book exploring Faraday/Mondial/Keybridge.
71 pages and more than 140 colour photographs.

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Due early October 2018 new A5 photobooks:

Mail Rail at Mount Pleasant
MGPOLnd1: Mail Rail at Mount Pleasant
The Post Office Railway Experience.
28 pages and 30 colour photographs.

Image coming soon
MGPOLnd2: Roman Wall at Merrill Lynch
A short history of the London Wall at the site of the King Edward Building and Merrill Lynch HQ.
22 pages and 20 colour photographs.

Dorothy Annan Murals
MGPOLnd3: Dorothy Annan Murals
Photos of the telecommunications murals before and after restoration, at Fleet Building and Barbican estate.
28 pages and 29 colour photographs.

My GPO in London (due out 2019)

Extract from my forthcoming book - My GPO in London
The GPO in London  
Mail Rail: The Journey of a Letter

It was new, brand new and technologically slick. It was old, very old; decrepit in parts. The combination of these extremes was somewhat incomprehensible. It was seemingly impractical and yet here it was in operation! I watched almost in disbelief as the low-profile carriages disappeared into the darkness of the tiny sloping tunnel ahead. Some minutes later, as a train returned slowly up the gradient, and the young driver came into view, the realisation dawned. The future was about to take us into the past. We were going on a unique journey of letter to see a worm’s eye view of how the Mail Rail trains once traversed the winding tunnels deep under London.

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