Light Straw TEC
Telecoms Engineering Centre
Light Straw TEC
Home to the fleet of Telecom vehicles in the days before the 'at home parking' schemes.

TECs were once a stock centre for telephones, cables, telegraph poles and all sorts of engineering sundries.
Photo: Southend TEC © Light Straw Jan 2007  
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Other departments housed in some TECs were:

  • Installation Controls, assigning engineers to the provision of new lines and Subs. apparatus.
  • Maintenance Controls, sending out engineers to clear network and apparatus faults.
  • Routing & Records, controlling lineplant allocation and use of spare pairs.
  • Motor Vehicle Workshops & MOT testing.

The GPO Fleet
The GPO Fleet
Showing the vehicle history of the telephone service, with examples from the GPO, Post Office Telephones, British Telecom, BT and Openreach.

Also includes the Post Office Radio Service, PEUs (Pole Erection Units) and elevating platforms.

Training, Safety Guides and Regional Centres.

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